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Diabetes Diagnostic & Treatment Protocol  (DDTP) The Diabetes Diagnostics & Treatment Protocol (DDTP) is the most comprehensive tool available to help healthcare providers diagnose, monitor, and treat diabetic patients. The protocol is very lucrative for the practice and also helps meet at least 4 Quality Use Measures.

  • The protocol includes the following:
    -TM Flow
    -Diabetic Neuropathy Device (DND)
    -Max Pulse
    -D Eye
    -Medical cart
    -BMI scale
    -1 year license Prevounce Health Portal
    -1 year license Medical Weight Loss Platform
    Insurance: PPO, Medicare, Medicaid             States Excluded: None
    Specialties: Endocrinology, Family Medicine, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, Internal Medicine, Long-Term Care, Ob / Gynecology, Urgent Care

    Your practice is in good hands. They will receive a full 2-day training from one of our DDT trainers.  This is EXTREMELY LUCRATIVE 


-Medical food initial inventory
-25 Bluetooth-enabled patient scales
-Patient booklets
-Protocols and procedures manual
-Resource folder
-On-site training
-Ongoing support
-Pro Forma

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