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There are an average of 2-3 seniors living in small assisted living homes (4-8 residents) that do not have anyone advocating on their behalf for weather appropriate clothing.  These are seniors who have contributed to our society by working hard to pay their taxes and be as responsible as possible to their community and yet, once they could no longer contribute, there is no one around to show that they care.  Most of these frail seniors must accept the conditions under which they live because their family has either passed on or just forgot about them.  

How do I know?  I have a sister who resided in an 
 assisted living home and I have had occasions to visit these homes  for one reason or another, such as helping  seniors get “Extra help” for the payments of their health and prescription premiums.  These frail seniors receive from SSA and/or their pensions amounts that put them in the 200%  below the poverty level which means their income doesn't even pay the entire cost for their room, board, or copays for prescription drugs.The assisted living managers still accept them into their homes but find it extremely difficult to purchase weather appropriate clothing for them.  
Let's all help to provide at least 100 frail seniors with weather appropriate clothing: coats, scarf, gloves, socks, etc. this winter. Please help

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No comments · Posted by ABC TRAINING CENTER, LLC

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“A - Z” Caregiver Classes for individuals who wish to work in an assisted living facility or who wish to start an Assisted Living Business.


ABC Training Course has been designed for that compassionate person who desires to give better and safer Quality of Life Care to their clients (at-risk senior and disabled communities), and not just warehouse them.   If you are that compassionate someone, this is the opportunity you have been looking for…START NOW!


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