80 Hrs. Manager Training

80 HRS. ASSISTED LIVING COURSE OHCQ State approved vendor for class schedlule email: marydent@abctraining.ws or text 443-850-8410 Mary Dent, Exec. Dir Private Training available





(1) Philosophy of assisted living

(2) Aging process and its impact

(3) Assessment and level of care
(4) Service planning
(5) Clinical management
(6) Admission and discharge criteria
(7) Nutrition and food safety
(8) Dementia, mental health, and behavior management
(9) End of life care
(10) Management and operation
(11) Emergency planning 
(12) Quality Assurance
(13) Survey Process

TUITION:  $1,350.00

Admission Fee: $140

(50% discount when attending information session)